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About Me

I am a Computer Engineering Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota, advised by Prof. Marc Riedel. I am in my Sophomore year and hope to go into Embedded System Design and Robotics. Apart from school and research, I usually spend my time testing electric skateboards, working as an audio-visual technician, or trying to make video games for my friends!


I am conducting research in the realm of digital microfluidics. With hopes of improving the implementation of DNA operations on-chip, both FPGA and ASIC devices will be used to incorporate a scalable network of grids communicated through a single processor. The pandemic has ignited some of the brightest minds to look for quick, reliable solutions to our biological dilemmas, and I believe my work can add to assist. This research has the capacity to positively impact both the accuracy of drug discovery and vaccine effectiveness. Currently, I am operating on ARTY A7 FPGA development boards and working towards a reliable ethernet control system. Also, in hopes to further the development of digital microfluidic technologies, I plan to work at the U's Nano Center to understand the limits of these new bio-electronic systems.


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Chase Anderson