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Specs, Plans, and Renderings for the remodel project at 5995 Ridge Rd., Shorewood, MN 55331, by Riedel-Fall Designs.


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Site Survey

Site Survey of 5995 Ridge Rd, Shorewood, MN 5531

Site Plan

Existing Structure: Original Architect Drawings, Floorplans and Elevations

Foundation Plan


Exterior Elevations


Roof Plan

Roof Plan; Posts and Beams; Wall Perspectives

Floor Materials; Door and Window Schedule

Structural Plans

Exterior Renderings

A901: West Facade from SW
A902: West Facade from NW
A903: Entry from NW
A904: Entry from SW
A905: Garage from W
A906: South Facade from SW
A907: South Facade from S
A908: South-East Corner
A909: East Facade (Far)
A910: East Façade (Near)
A911: Atrium from S
A912: Atrium from E
A913: Master Balcony
A914: Master Balcony from NE
A915: North-East Corner
A916: Garage from E
A917: North Facade